Federal Monitor Approves NYCHA’s Elevator Action Plan

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Today, I approved NYCHA’s Elevator Action Plan which includes a detailed step-by-step response plan for all elevator outages and no-service conditions, as well as capital and operational commitments by NYCHA designed to meet the requirements of the Jan. 31 Agreement. This plan is a critical step towards ensuring that NYCHA can provide adequate elevator service to all residents – especially those with mobility impairments and seniors.

The Elevator Action Plan will help NYCHA meet 14 elevator-related obligations in the Agreement to reduce the frequency and duration of outages and no-service conditions. The next steps include NYCHA identifying elevators in the worst condition and building an Elevator Risk Map – a day-to-day and long-term planning tool that will enable NYCHA to deploy resources where they are most needed. Additionally, the Agreement requires a minimum of 275 elevator replacements by 2024; NYCHA currently has 281 elevator replacements scheduled in that window. NYCHA and the Monitor team will continue to evaluate elevator performance over the next six months to identify additional resources that are needed to meet the obligations in the Agreement.

The Elevator Action Plan also defines the responsibilities of third-party management companies and the maintaining of elevator warranties. Of NYCHA’s 3,224 elevators, 27 are at sites managed by third parties who are now responsible for developing their own action plans for each development to ensure ongoing compliance with the Agreement.

A significant area for improvement is the way NYCHA communicates with the residents when an elevator outage occurs. This plan sets additional communication protocols, outreach efforts, and mechanisms for reasonable accommodation during a no-service condition. This is a first step towards providing safe and reliable elevator service to all NYCHA residents. We will continue to work with NYCHA to ensure that they are able to fulfill the obligations outlined in this plan and oversee their progress. Read the Elevator Action Plan here.

Very truly yours,

Bart M. Schwartz

Federal Monitor appointed pursuant to Agreement dated January 31, 2019