Federal Monitor Town Hall-Heat Action Plan Meeting Summary: July 29, 2021

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, NYCHA Deputy Federal Monitor Dan Brownell and the monitoring team’s Resident Engagement Team Leader, Asha Muldro, hosted a virtual town hall that featured a presentation on NYCHA’s Heating Action Plan.

Mr. Brownell opened the session and explained the importance of the Action Plans and their purpose for meeting the requirements of the HUD agreement. Mr. Brownell discussed in more detail the Heating Action Plan including a summary of NYCHA’s obligations under the HUD Agreement and the role of the federal monitoring team.

The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session with NYCHA residents and community stakeholders. Mr. Brownell and Monitoring Team Members Vinson McCrae and Chris Davies responded to several of the residents’ concerns. Brad Greenburg from NYCHA was also on hand to address questions.

Mr. Brownell concluded the meeting by encouraging residents to continue to place formal complaints with NYCHA; check their radiators and risers; and ensure any staff responding to heating issues are taking readings in every room and at the risers, as well as updating the work orders with those readings.

Please keep checking the NYCHAmonitor.com website for updates and continue to stay in contact with the monitoring team. You can email the Monitor or call (844) 309-6080.