Staten Island Community Meeting Summary

November 19, 2019

On November 12 we hosted a community meeting on  Staten Island which is a part of our Community Advisory Committee’s (CAC) work to solicit input from NYCHA’s stakeholders. The CAC working group meetings are streamed live, accessible by phone and are solely dedicated to addressing areas for improvement identified by CAC members. Community meetings are held at NYCHA developments are solely dedicated to hearing from the residents, elected officials’ staff and the community about issues with lead, heat, mold, waste management, pests and elevators, among other issues the Monitor team is working to address.

At our Staten Island community meeting we heard from the residents and provided an overview of the Second Quarterly Report, our work on lead and mold, as well as the Action Plan that will govern the expenditure of $450 million in state funding for new boilers and elevators at 35 NYCHA developments. If you were unable to attend the meeting, an audio recording is available here.

Ongoing participation and engagement of residents and the community will be critical to the success of this monitorship as we continue to review NYCHA’s Action Plans, visit developments and assess NYCHA’s progress on meeting the requirements of the January 31 Agreement. So far we have held two joint meetings with CAC members, residents and the community at NYCHA developments in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We look forward to hosting community meetings with the residents in Queens and the Bronx over the next few months. Please continue to check our website for information.

We will hold our next CAC working meeting on December 3 at 6:30 PM. It will be streamed live here and be accessible by phone at 888-475-4499, passcode 512-759-677. I would like to remind you to submit any complaints regarding issues in the Agreement to us by phone or email, as well as any information about the issues with exterior lighting at your development. We need to hear from residents about exterior lighting so that we may present a comprehensive analysis to NYCHA management.

Very truly yours,

Bart M. Schwartz

Federal Monitor appointed pursuant to Agreement dated January 31, 2019