First day of the NYCHA federal Monitorship

Friday, March 1, 2019

Today, I officially assume my duties as the NYCHA Monitor. My singular focus is achieving decent, safe, and sanitary living conditions for NYCHA residents. The Agreement that was reached between HUD, the United States Southern District of New York and New York City establishes the blueprint for achieving these goals. I will begin by talking to residents and their representatives and visiting NYCHA developments.

I intend to work closely with NYCHA leadership and management in order to achieve the Agreement’s purpose. All the parties to the Agreement have expressed their support for it. I’ll also convene a Community Advisory Committee, and establish protocols for communicating with and soliciting comments from residents and other NYCHA stakeholders.

There are a wide variety of additional requirements in the Agreement that NYCHA will need to meet, and which I will be working to see met, all to achieve the same goal – improve the living conditions for NYCHA residents. We will listen to residents and their families whose lives are impacted by these problems. Our mission will be to address their concerns and needs by implementing solutions that provide meaningful improvements to the lives of NYCHA residents.