Meeting Notice: Second Community Advisory Committee Meeting

Friday, July 12, 2019

I am pleased to announce that our second Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Johnson Community Center in East Harlem. (See the public notice here in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian).

At our July 30th meeting, I will provide an overview of the First Quarterly Report, which will be made public in advance. Also, each CAC member will discuss an area for improvement, all of which we jointly identified in consultation with the residents, NYCHA and the broader community of stakeholders during our calls and meetings with them over the last four months. The purpose of these discussions is to improve conditions and services for residents and to ensure NYCHA achieves sustained compliance by leveraging the unique experience, knowledge and perspectives of the CAC members.

The agenda for the meeting will be forthcoming and we look forward to receiving your feedback and any information you can provide at this meeting that can help the monitorship, in our collaboration with the CAC members, to achieve the Agreement’s purpose.

In the meantime, you will be hearing from us if you have not already, as we continue to visit developments and meet with residents and other stakeholders. As always, I encourage all residents and other stakeholders to contact us with any questions and/or information pertaining to the Agreement, our work, the Community Advisory Committee meetings and the First Quarterly Report.

Please help us spread the word about this upcoming meeting so that we can together work to improve resident engagement and increase participation in the monitorship’s work.

Very truly yours,

Bart M. Schwartz

Federal Monitor appointed pursuant to Agreement dated January 31, 2019



If you plan to attend the CAC meeting in person on behalf of an organization, a city/state/federal agency, department, or an elected official, please email us with your name and the name of the organization or office you are representing at Residents and resident leaders do not need to RSVP, but are welcome to do so.

Please note that we can only accommodate as many attendees as the space can hold, on a first come first serve basis. The elderly and people with disabilities will be given preference. To that end, if you require an accommodation under The Americans with Disabilities Act or if you do not understand English, please email us or call us at 347.809.5555 with your name and the type of accommodation you would like to receive so that we can work on securing your attendance.

Please continue to check our website for updates about CAC meetings and the ongoing work of the federal Monitor.