Selection of a Management Consultant

Friday, May 31, 2019

The January 31 Agreement that appointed me as the Monitor mandates that institutional changes be made to NYCHA. It requires the City of New York to engage a third-party management consultant selected jointly by the City and the Monitor. Per the Agreement, “the consultant shall examine NYCHA’s systems, policies, procedures, and management and personnel structures, and make recommendations to the City, NYCHA, and the Monitor to improve the areas examined.”

The Monitor and the City of New York have selected KPMG, a management consulting firm, along with a sub-consultant to KPMG, Bronner Group. KPMG, along with Bronner Group, are responsible for delivering “a final report and recommendations to the City, NYCHA, and the Monitor, with copies to HUD, EPA, and SDNY no later than a deadline to be set by the Monitor.” At this time, that deadline has not yet been determined. The consultant’s recommendations will be used by the Monitor and NYCHA to collaboratively prepare an “Organizational Plan” setting forth improvements to NYCHA’s management, organizational, and workforce structure (including work rules), and overarching policies necessary or appropriate to achieve sustained compliance with NYCHA’s obligations under this Agreement.

Read more about the Organizational Plan on pages 10-11 of the Agreement here.